Professionalism and Ethics


  • The massage therapist should always wash their hands before beginning a treatment. Even if they have only just washed them they should be washed again so the client knows they have been washed.

  • As a paying client you should expect the therapist to give you their undivided attention for the duration of the appointment. They should not be stopping to answer the telephone or chat to others.

  • They should not under any circumstances discuss other clients with you. If they talk freely about them, who knows what they are saying about you once you leave the room?

  • The therapist should not unload their own personal problems on you. Developing a rapport is important and they should be good listeners but they should keep their own problems to themselves.

  • Where possible the massage therapist should guard against emotional involvement. They will be a good listener, and offer good advice but should keep a professional distance and not become emotionally involved.

  • The massage therapist should take your views of what is required but should make their own decisions on how treatment should be carried out. They are the qualified professionals so treat them with respect and allow them to do their jobs!

  • When you are referred to a massage therapist by a doctor or other qualified person then you should expect their instructions to be carried out to the letter and not added to or altered by the massage therapist.

  • You should not be accepted for treatment by a massage therapist if you are being treated for the same problem by someone else. The massage therapist may interfere with the treatment you have previously had.

  • You should expect the  massage therapist to keep up to date records of treatments given.
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